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Rules and Regulations

The Brazil135 Ultramarathon Rules and Regulations are based and adapted from our sister race, Badwater Ultramarathon, in order to maintain harmony with the 135 Miles Ultramarathon races spirit. 


REMEMBER: The actions of one member of the team impact the runner the team is supporting.  For every broken rule, 1 (one) hour will be added to the RUNNER'S finish time. 

r safety reasons we have establish that no runner should be running alone. We STRONGLY recommend that the runner be accompanied with a support crew and a support vehicle.

Below are the options the runners will have regarding support strategy during the race:

1.1) Solo Runners: 

a) Run with a Support team of at least 1 member (crew and/or pacers) and 1 support vehicle. The support team (crew and/or pacers) should be with the runner at all times, respecting the rules regarding vehicles. 

b) Share a Support team and/or Vehicle with another runner. In this case, the team names should be the same and our results webpage will reflect that. If you share a support team you have to cross the finish line with the runner you are sharing the support team. During your registration, please type in the same team name as the team you are sharing with. 

c) Shoulder to Shoulder:

  • .No runner running Shoulder to Shoulder can run/jog or walk alone. All steps of the race have to be performed together.

  • If you are runner Shoulder to Shoulder both have to cross the finish line together.

  • The team name of both runners should be the same. 

  • If one runner cannot finish the race, (DNF),  the other runner will be considered (DNF) too.

  • Shoulder to Shoulder runners are not require to be accompanied by a vehicle or crew members.

d) BR80 Miles Runners:  It is not required support vehicle and/or team members. 

e) BR55 Miles Runners:  It is not required support vehicle and/or team members. 

IMPORTANT: There will be NO SURVIVOR category for Brazil135 Ultramarathon. 

1.2). Relay Runners:

a) 2x or 4x Relay Runners:  The support vehicle should respect the rules regarding vehicles. 

We highly recommend 135 Miles 2X Relay team to have at least 1 additional crew and/or pacer besides the runners in the team.  

1.3) Golden Category:

a) All runners 70+ years old on the date of the race will have 72 hours to finish the Brazil135 Ultramarathon 135 Miles.

b) It is mandatory for all runners 70+ years old to be accompanied by a support vehicle. 



​2.1 Sponsor / Charity names and graphics may be placed on support vehicles on the left and right sides only, but can also be on the front or rear of the vehicle.

2.2 Vehicle windows may not be blocked or obstructed with any signage, paint, or the like. No racer will be allowed to start the race who has any vehicle windows blocked. If a racer support vehicle is found with blocked windows during the race, that racer will be forced to stop and wait while the vehicle’s windows are unblocked and signage properly mounted.


2.4 Driving must be done at the speed of traffic, without slowing down to encourage, talk to, or lend assistance to any racer while moving. All assistance must be provided by pedestrian crew members; handing off of supplies from the vehicle is never allowed, nor is slowing down to speak with or to a racer or other person while moving. Vehicles are encouraged to leapfrog the racer. The vehicle should accompany the runner considering the mountain terrain of the race and the safety or their runners and others. 

2.5 All support vehicles must have their headlights on while driving, 24 hours a day.

2.6 When stopping/parking, vehicles may not stop on the left side of the road,  From 7:00pm to 6:00am each day (night) of the event, at all times while stopped or parked off the road, support vehicles must have their headlights turned off and emergency flashers turned on.

2.7 When parked, the doors on the left side of the vehicle must never be opened into the roadway, even momentarily. All exiting of the vehicle by active crew members must be from the right side of the vehicle; drivers may exit from left, but only if space allows for them to do so without their door opening into the roadway. Crew members must not stand on the left side of a parked vehicle (between the road and the vehicle.)

2.8 Support vehicles must not park across from parked vehicles on the other side of the road.

2.9 Vehicles are not allowed to go up the Hawk's Peak, and some other parts of the route for safety reasons. Refer to Route and Altimetry



  • With the best interest of each runner and also of all other runners in mind, all runners are required to use a BIB on the chest at all times, while on the path. The organization will provide 2 BiBs for each runner. Both BIBs will be waterproof. 

  • All runners' support crew (drivers and all others) are required to use a BIB on their chest at all times. The support team members should have the same BIB number as the runners, followed by a letter Ex: 1000-A for the first member, 1000-b for the second and so forth. These Bibs should be provided by each runner;

  • To be recognized as a support team member, all support team members (Brazilians)  must submit a form at, menu Support Team Registration until November 1st, 2024. In this form, each team member will sign release forms and will provide documentation copies, specially driver licences;

  • All vehicles should have a valid license plate and registration.  

  • All vehicles should have all windows down at all time, unless it is raining. 

  • Any vehicle stopped by the organization staff, for any reason, shall have all windows fully opened.

  • In case any of the above requirements are not met, at least a  2-hour penalty will be applied to the runner's final time. For that penalty to be applied, a photo proof should be delivered to the Race Director Mario Lacerda until January, 20th. A photo copy will also be sent to the runner as proof of the applied proof. 


There are _______ check points in Brazil135 Ultramarathon 2024. In these communication points the runner can interact with the race staff. 


- Due to unexpected factors, the 135 Mile course will have to be compensated for 6.25k+ at km 4.4 to complete the 135 Mileage.


- The Marker where this stretch will begin is the "Little Church" where Brazil135 2024 leaves the Camino da Fe and starts the Vulcano Route). 

- There will be Race Staff there (at km 4.4) to direct the runners to contine for  3.225 km (each way, back and forth) before continuing the Vulcano Route (Rota do Vulcao) - the new stretch of 2024 Brazil135. 

- At the mark 3.225 k, the runners will meet a Brazil135 Volunteer who will make a note of the runners bib number to make sure everyone completed the 6.25 km. 

- If at the end of the race a bib number is not on the volunteer list, there will be a penalty of 1 hour from the total finish line crossing time. 

In order to provide an even safer race, we will use SPLIFE app. Through it, we will be able to, during the race, :
  • improve communication between the race administration and runners;
  • track runners'  locations (with a real time 5 mins delay);
  • register the runners'  running route; 
  • to connect your running location with your family and friends;
  • engage the runners with their followers.
To achieve all of the above, it is MANDATORY for all runners to:
1) Download the SPLIFE app at Google Play / Apple Store.  
2) Fill out the SPLIFE profile page.

Self Time Stations are places where the runner will take and publish selfies on the official Brazil135 Ultramarathon app: SPLIFE.  
Our app SPLIFE uses face recognition technology to recognize your selfies and pinpoint your location. 

It is MANDATORY to take a selfie at the following locations: 


STS0 - Aguas da Prata - Start Line - 0 k

STS1 - Top of Hawk's Peak - 38 k

STS2 - Andradas Downtown - 60 k

STS3 - Crisolia Downtown -  95 k

STS4 - Ouro Fino Downtown - 103 k

STS5 - Inconfidentes Downtown - 111 k

STS6 - Borda da Mata Downtown - 135 k

STS7 - Tocos do Mogi Downtown- 153 k

STS8 - Estiva Downtown - 171 k

STS9 - Consolacao Downtown - 192 k

STS10 - Paraisopolis City -  Finish Line - 217 k



At the end of the race you can see all runners' STS selfies analysis on our website. 


Walking Stick is only allowed for runners over 65 years old. 


It is MANDATORY for all runners to bring to the race and to use the following gears:

  • A working cell phone; (check with your provider for international coverage in Brazil);

  • A bunker with at least 4 charges;

  • At least one Head lamp;

  • A Reflective Vest



9.1 Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for racers, crew, staff, and the general public. The roads are not closed for this event and are, in fact, quite busy with the "Camino da Fe" pilgrims and local traffic.

9.2 Racers are responsible for both their own actions and their crew’s actions; crews are responsible for both their own actions and their racer’s actions.

9.3 Always look and listen both ways before crossing the roads. Remember that drivers will not expect to encounter a racer or parked vehicle out on the course. Remember the event is held on public roads. Racers should not cross over the roads  more than necessary; crew should cross the roads carefully to bring assistance to their racer  rather than the racer crossing to the crew / vehicle. Time Penalties or Disqualification will be enforced with a Zero Tolerance Policy towards dangerous crossing of, or behavior on, the roadway.

9.4 Brazil135 Ultramarathon medical risks: All racers and crew should read the "Articles of Interest" about the risks and care of ultramarathons under our articles of interest menu. 



23.0 – Não é necessário trazer o atestado médico para a corrida.

23.1 - Todo Atleta deve realizar os seus exames periódicos e se manter em dia com sua saúde. Fazer exames de rotina evitam problemas durantes as competições.

23.2 - Faça seus exames sempre, já que você vai correr a Br135 e outras provas ao longo do ano. O IMPORTANTE é a sua saüde. Você é a melhor pessoa para cuidar da sua saúde.

23.4 - Todo atleta deverá possuir um Atestado Médico para prática de Ultramaratonas, válido até 30 dias depois do encerramento da prova.

23.5 - A Organização da Br135 poderá solicitar o Atestado ao atleta durante a corrida.

23.6 – O Atleta que incidir no item 23.5 deverá apresentar o Atestado Médico até 3 dias após o término da prova.


​10.1 Every inch of the course must be traveled by each racer. In the event of a routing error, e.g., wrong turn, the racer may be driven back to the exact original spot where he/she left the course and continue running from that location. There will be no allowance made for lost time or miles run in the wrong direction.

10.2 If a racer needs to leave the course via motor vehicle, his/her crew must physically mark the exact location.  The racer must then resume the race from the same place that he/she left it. If a runner should seek medical attention, this must be reported as soon as possible to the Race Headquarters, using the emergency direct line to the Race Director Commander Mario Lacerda (+1904-866-0466). Runners found in a moving motor vehicle will be disqualified unless they are en route to or from medical care. Focus must be kept on the speedy completion of the course.

10.3 If a racer withdraws, he/she or his/her crew must contact Race Headquarters. Name, bib #, reason for withdrawal, time of withdrawal, and miles completed must be stated. All racers and crew who withdraw from the race are encouraged – and expected – to come to the finish line and the post-race party to greet and celebrate with their fellow racers and crews, based on the spirit of comradery.

10.4 All Emergency Medicine and/or Emergency Evacuation costs for participants, crew members, or staff will be borne by that person or their heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable for medical care, nor responsible for emergency evacuation.


11.1 All runners who begin the event will receive:

  • Brazil135 Fun T-Shirt; 

  • Brazil135 Ultra Journey race t-shirt;

  • Ultra Athlete Passport (for those who do not have one);

  • The 2021/2022 Year Book;

  • A Fun Goody Bag that may contain any other promotions items from any race sponsors.

  • A Medal

11.2 All runners of the Brazil135 Ultramarathon, 135 Miles Solo, who officially complete the event within 60  hours will receive our Traditional White Finisher’s t-shirt  and a Brazil135 Ultramarathon Medal.

11.3 All runners of the Brazil135 Ultramarathon, 80 Miles, 55 Miles, 135 Miles 2xRelay, 135 Miles 4x Relay, who complete the event within the official time  will receive a Finisher’s t-shirt  and a Brazil135 Ultramarathon Medal. 

11.4 All runners who celebrates 5, 10 or 15 years as finishers at the Brazil135 Ultramarathon 135 Miles Solo, and filled out this information when registered for the race, will receive a special award at the Pre Race Meeting or at the Finish Line. 

11.5 All runners who participated at the Brazil135 Ultramarathon,  in any way - finisher or not, for 5, 10 or 15 years, and filled out this information when registered for the race, will receive a special award at the Pre Race Meeting or at the Finish Line.  

11.6 All participants of the Brazil135 Ultramarathon, as crew members or race staff, for 5, 10 or 15 years and filled out this information when registered for the race will receive a special award at the Pre Race Meeting or at the Finish Line.   

​11.7 - All support crew members  of all finisher runners and who registered on our website (REGISTER main menu)  will receive a support crew medal  at the finish line. 

11.8 All racers and crew members are invited to celebrate with us at the Celebration party beginning at the 48 hour mark of the race.


​12.1 Race rules are designed to provide a safe and fair experience for everyone involved and to help ensure our ability to produce the race again next year.

12.2 CHEATING definition according to the Brazil135 Ultra Journey: 
- The runner has not ran or walked the whole 135 Miles. (with intent or not).
-  Car rides for any distance. 
- Any other rule that is broken according to this "Rules and Regulation" document. 
- Any action that impacts others in any harmful way
- Any action that is considered to not be a "fair play" by the Race Director. 


12.2 Major rule infractions by racers or their crew, especially those regarding “cheating,” will result in immediate disqualification of the racer AND 3 years without being able to participate in the Brazil135 Ultra Journey, beginning in the next year after the incident.

  • Other, lesser offenses will result in the following cumulative time penalties:

    • A WARNING may be issued, depending on the nature of the infraction, at the discretion of the race official (A “slash” will be marked on the racer’s bib number.)

    • First Penalty: One Hour (“X” will be marked on the racer’s bib number.)

    • Second Penalty: Disqualification


12.3  a. In case of a runner that "cut ways", in any distance may be DQ. The Race Director at his discretion can apply any other penalties he might see applicable.  

b. The Race director has the authority to apply any penalty he might perceive as wise, according to his own judment. He and only he has the final authority to apply any penalty.

12.4  It is considered a Major Offense to publish or advertise in any way, or form, in any place (digital or not), the runner's results outside the category of which the runner finish. This offense will be considered as "cheating" and will result in immediate disqualification of the racer. 

12.5  Time penalties are imposed by the penalized racer stopping at the NEAREST Checkpoint where the penalty was imposed,  to serve his/her time penalty. The race and clock will continue while the penalized racer waits out his/her penalty time. A Race Official will be present to oversee this process. Any racer who is required to serve a time penalty, but does not stop to do so, will be disqualified.

12.6 The Race Director has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen, and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion, and continuation, of the race. The Race Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. There is no “appeals committee” nor an “appeals process.” All entrants in the race, and their support crews, willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules, by attending the race in any capacity.

In all cases and circumstances, it is the intent, and spirit, of the rules which will govern their implementation and enforcement.

Finally remember:  you chose to be here!

Keep the adventure going with respect and comradery spirit to all!
"Have Fun and Keep Smiling!"
Nos vemos no caminho...
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