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2025 Rules and Regulations

The Brazil135 Ultra Journey rules and regulations are based on and adapted from our sister race, Badwater UltraMarathon, in order to maintain harmony with the spirit of the 135-mile UltraMarathon races.

1. From the Race :

  • The distance in miles of the 2025 Brazil135 Ultra Journey is150 Miles or 240 Km;

  • The total time for the 2025 Brazil135 Ultra Journey is 72 hours (60 Hours + 12 Bonus Hours).

  • There is only 1 (one) 2025 Brazil135 Ultra Journey champion;

  • The Brazil135 Ultra Journey champion will be the runner who crosses the 150 miles finish line in the shortest time;

  • There will be Decision Points  (PDs) at certain miles in the race, where the runner will have the option to stop the race definitively, without being considered a DNF;

  • If the runner decides to stop at any Decision Point (PD), he/she will be ranked for that PD”;

2. Decision Points (PDs):

2.1  The Decision Points (PD) will be at the following miles:

  • 55 (Inconfidentes), 70 (Borda da Mata), 80 (Tocos do Mogi), 100 (Estiva), 120 (Paraisópolis) and 135 Miles (Luminosa).

  • All runners who decide to stop the race permanently in one of the PDs will receive a medal with the distance covered and a t-shirt.

  • The medal and t-shirt corresponding to these PDs will be given to the runners at the finish line of the Brazil135 Ultra Journey 150 Miles in Paraisópolis;

  • The organization will provide transportation from the PDs to the Brazil135 Ultra Journey 150 Miles Finish Line in Paraisópolis.

  • The transport of runners who decide to stop definitively at the PDs will occur at set times (TBD)

  • Especially for runners who decide to stop at PD 135 Milhas, in Luminosa, they will receive in Paraisópolis, a white t-shirt and a medal with the distance covered.

  • All Runners who cross the finish line of the 150 Miles in Paraisópolis will be rewarded with a white t-shirt and the 2025 Brazil135 Ultra Journey medal.

  • Expenses incurred by runners in the PDs are the responsibility of the runner. The event organization is not responsible for paying any expenses incurred by the runner.

2.2 What to do at Decision Points:

If the runner decides to finish his race at any of the stopping distances, he must:

  • Look for a volunteer and inform them that you have decided to stop at this point;

  • The Brazil135 Ultra Journey volunteer will then take a photo of the runner under the parade banner with the parade time;

  • The photo will be sent immediately to the race time control team

  • The time shown in the photo will be considered the runner's time for the ranking at that distance.

  • Only one photo of the runner will be considered for the ranking.

  • Once the photo has been sent to the weather team, it will not be possible to replace the photo with another at another stop location.

  • The photo taken by the Brazil135 Ultra Journey team of volunteers will be considered as the runner's final decision.

  • If the runner is not sure that they will stop at a certain point, they should not tell the volunteer anything.

3. Runner’s Support:

  • In 2025 there will be no obligation for the runner to be accompanied by a support team.

  • The Brazil135 Ultra Journey Organization strongly recommends that runners be accompanied by a vehicle and support team.

4. Drop Bags:

  • The Brazil135 Ultra Journey organization will provide a drop bag system for every runner who decides not to be accompanied by a support team with a vehicle.

  • The drop bag points will be at the following miles: 55 (Inconfidentes), 80 (Tocos do Mogi), 100 (Estiva), 120 (Paraisópolis), 135 (Luminosa) and 150 (Paraisópolis).

  • All drop bags must be identified IN LARGE, LEGIBLE LETTERS with BLOCK LETTERS ON WHITE PAPER WITH A MARKER PEN OF ANY DARK COLOR (black, dark blue or red) on all 4 sides AND on the lid with the following information: BIB, DISTANCE OF POINT (55, 70, 80, 100, 120, 135).

  • The boxes must be opaque colored and preferably NOT TRANSPARENT. (it’s purposefully redundant! 🙂

  • Drop bags must be hard, weather-resistant plastic boxes (mandatory with a lid).


5. Runner Support Vehicles (Not mandatory):

  • All vehicles must be identified with the following mandatory information on both sides of the vehicle containing BIB and runner's name

  • Any vehicle stopped by organization personnel, for any reason, must open all windows immediately.

  • Any and all assistance to the runner must be provided with the vehicle stopped. The vehicle must accompany the runner taking into account the mountainous terrain of the race and the safety of its runners and others.

  • All support vehicles must have their headlights on throughout the race.

  • Every vehicle must travel with the “giroflex” provided by the BR135 organization throughout the race. From 7 pm onwards, the “giroflex” must be switched on.

  • At the end of the test, the giroflex must be returned to a member of the organization who wrote down the information. If the giroflex is not returned, the runner will suffer a penalty of 12 (twelve) hours of their time.

  • We request, for safety reasons, that when the vehicle is parked, the doors on the left side of the vehicle should never be opened onto the road, even momentarily. Drivers can exit on the left, but always watch the traffic. The others should leave using the door on the right. To support runners, for safety, team members must stand in front of the trunk or on the left side of the parked vehicle (between the car and the road).

  • Support vehicles cannot double park.

  • Vehicles are not allowed to go to the following points: Pico do Gavião.

  • For safety reasons, we strongly advise that, in case of rain, vehicles must use escape routes, preferably on paved roads (see route and altitude - escape routes).

  • All vehicles used by the team must have a license plate and registration valid throughout Brazilian territory.

6. Support Team (optional)

  • All support team members must register on the SUPPORT TEAM form for insurance issues.

  • All support personnel must wear a Bib Number (Bib) throughout the race . This bib number must contain: The runner's Bib Number followed by a dash and a letter.

  • Example: 1000-A (for the first team member), 1000-B (for the second team member), etc.

The runner is responsible for providing Bib for their support team.

7. BIB: (Chest numbers)

  • The Brazil135 Ultra Journey organization will provide 2 bibs for each runner.

  • Every runner is required to wear one of the bibs on their chest throughout the race .

  • The runner who is running without the bib attached to the chest will be subject to a light time penalty (see details of time penalties in item 13 Fouls and Penalties of this regulation)

  • The runner may, if desired, use a second bib attached to the back.

  • The bibs will be delivered on the day of the pre-race meeting, located inside the runner's kit.

8. Check-in Points:

  • Check-in points are the points where the runner can come into direct contact with the race organization.

  • Point #0: Pico do Gavião Base: (presentation of relay runners to a Brazil135 volunteer)

  • Point #1: Top of Pico do Gavião; (presentation to a Brazil135 volunteer to take time and obligatory photo)

  • Point #2: Mile 55 - Inconfidentes

  • Point #3: Mile 70 - Borda da Mata

  • Point #4: Mile 80 - Tocos do Mogi (Pousada do Peregrino)

  • Point #5: Mile 100 - Estiva (Pousada do Poca)

  • Point #6: Mile 120 - Paraisópolis

  • Point #7: MILE 135 - Luminosa (Pousada Novo Amanhecer)

9. Relay:

  • There will be no Decision Points for relays (doubles and foursomes)

  • There will only be a distance of 150 miles for the relays

  • All relay runners must climb Pico do Gavião together.

  • All runners from each relay team must report together to the volunteer at Ponto#0 (base of Pico do Gavião). If the team fails to present itself to the volunteer, the team will be subject to a penalty considered serious misconduct. See item 12: fouls and penalties).

  • All relay runners must present themselves to one of the Brazil135 volunteers at Point#1 (top of Pico do Gavião) to take a team photo.


  • It is our intention to use the SPLife application to provide an even safer run. Through it, during the race we will be able to:​

  • improve communication between race administration and runners;

  • track runners' locations (with a 5-minute real-time delay);

  • record the runners' running route

  • to connect your running location with your family and friends;

  • Engage runners with their followers.

11. Walking Sticks:

Walking sticks will only be permitted for runners over 65 years of age.

12. Mandatory Equipment:

  • It is MANDATORY that all runners bring and use the following equipment to the race:

  • ​A working and charged cell phone; (check with your provider for international coverage in Brazil).

  • A bunker (external battery) with at least 4 charges.

  • A reflective vest with flashing lights (must be worn between 7 pm and 6 am). Failure to comply with this rule, by any runner participating without a support team , will result in a time penalty considered a serious offense. See item 12: Fouls and Penalties in this regulation)

  • Any security team at the event may ask to check this equipment.

  • Failure to comply may result in light punishment (see details in item xxxx Punishments)

13. Medical and Safety Issues:

  • Remember, at all times and in all situations, safety is the most important issue. This means safety for runners, staff, volunteers and the general public. The roads are not closed for this event and are, in fact, quite busy with pilgrims on the "Caminho da Fé" and local traffic.

  • Runners are responsible for their own actions and the actions of their team; teams are responsible for their own actions and the actions of their runners.

  • Always look and pay attention to both sides before crossing roads. Remember, drivers do not expect to encounter a jogger or parked vehicle on their route. Remember that the event is held on public roads. Runners should not cross roads more than necessary; the team must cross roads carefully to bring assistance to the runner rather than the runner crossing for the team/vehicle. Time penalties or disqualification will be applied with a zero tolerance policy towards dangerous crossings or road behavior.

  • Brazil135 Ultra Journey Medical Risks : All runners and staff should read the “Articles of interest” about the risks and precautions of ultramarathons in our “publications of interest” menu.

14. Course Abandonment:

  • Every inch of the route must be covered by each runner. If the runner misses the route, the runner must be taken back to the exact original point where they left the route and continue running from that location. There will be no tolerance for wasted time or miles traveled in the wrong direction.

  • If a runner needs to leave the course in a motor vehicle, their team must physically mark the exact location where the runner entered the support car. The runner must then resume the race from the same place where they left off. If the runner needs medical attention, they must notify the race organization as quickly as possible, via the emergency hotline with Race Director Comandante Mario Lacerda (Voice or Whatsapp: +1904-866-0466). Racers found in a moving motor vehicle will be disqualified unless they are going to or returning from medical care. The focus must be maintained on quickly completing the race route.

  • If a runner withdraws, he/she and/or his/her team must contact the race organization as soon as possible. Name, bib number, reason for cancellation, time of cancellation and miles driven must be provided. All runners and teams who withdraw from the race are encouraged to come to the finish line and attend the post-race party to greet and celebrate with their fellow runners and teams in the spirit of camaraderie.

  • The Brazil135 Ultra Journey organization provides health insurance for all registered runners and support team members (in accordance with Item 3 of these regulations). All costs that exceed health insurance coverage will be borne by the person or their heirs. Race organizers are in no way responsible for medical care, nor responsible for emergency evacuation.

15. Awards:

  • For the runners : All finishers will receive a finisher t-shirt and a 2025 Brazil135 Ultra Journey medal.

  • For the Support Team: Support team members will receive a participation medal.

16. Fouls and Penalties:

  • The race rules are designed to provide a safe and fair experience for everyone involved and to help ensure the continuity of the Brazil135 Ultra Journey over the years.

  • Every runner is responsible for all members of their support team. An infraction committed by any member of the support team will result in time penalties for the runner.

  • It is the runner's responsibility to be aware of these regulations and the information contained on the Brazil135 Ultra Journey website. Ignorance of the regulations is not an excuse for forgiving infractions.

16.1  Serious Fouls : The following are considered serious fouls:

  • Rudeness and/or profanity directed at any event participant: runners, support team members or any member of the event organization.

  • runners hitching a ride in vehicles of any type or nature;

  • runners “cutting paths” with intentions of gaining positions;

  • Support vehicles traveling through places prohibited by the organization; (example: Pico do Gavião)

  • Use of alcoholic beverages during the exam.

  • Posts on social media denigrating by name any participant in the event, without the prior knowledge of the parties involved.

  • Posts on social media, directly or indirectly denigrating, in any instance, any event participant - runners, support team members, volunteers or event organizers, without the prior knowledge of the parties involved

  • Posts on social media declaring themselves champions outside of the 150 Miles discipline. There will only be 1 (a Brazil135 champion from 2025: first place in the 150 Miles distance)

  • Does not comply with any required item in this rules and regulation.

16.1.1 Penalties for Serious Fouls :

  • The runner will be classified as DQ (DISQUALIFIED) and there will be no publication of the time.

16.2. Minor Faults : The following are considered minor faults:

  • Any and all offenses not included in serious offenses and which do not involve bad faith.

16.2.1 Penalties for Minor Fouls :

  • First Foul: The runner's time will be published over 48 hours, if the runner finishes within 48 hours. If the runner's time is between 48 and 60 hours, it will be published as 60 hours.

  • Second Foul: DQ

17. Resources for runners who feel harmed :

  • Any runner who feels harmed must file an appeal, in writing, after crossing the finish line. The resource must include:

  • Runner's name and bib;

  • Name and bib (for people who are runners) or name of the people involved;

  • Place, date and time of the facts;

  • Description of facts;

  • Form of Reparation: How would you like to have your appeal attended to as reparation?

18. The Race Director:

The Race Director has the authority, at any time, to void any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for successful completion and continuation of the test. The Race Director has ultimate authority regarding all rules, their interpretation and application. There is no “appeals committee” or “appeals process.” All race participants and their support crews willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules, by participating in the race in any capacity.

In all cases and circumstances, it is the director's intention to maintain the rules and sportsmanship that will govern compliance with these rules and regulations.

​​​​Finally , remember: you chose to be here!

​Continue the adventure with respect and a spirit of camaraderie with everyone!

"Have fun and keep smiling!"
See you on the way...
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