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The New Grail Challenge

The new Grail Challenge with all new medals.


" The Journey is a learning process."  (Denise Rosa - Runner Brazil135) 


The  First Running Grail Challenge Project  was  called " the journey" . It was created in 2010  and ended in 2022.  It rewarded many runners that faced the challenge of running all distances and different categories - solo and relay - of the Brazil135 Ultramarathon. 


On 2023 a new Challenge  begun. This new challenge now includes the new category called BR+, which challenges the runner to continue running, for 58 kilometers more, after having ran 135 Miles.  

The Grail  is a reminder of the challenge these amazing runners faced and overcame while running the  course of Brazil135 Ultramarathon


1. The Runner has to run and finish under the time frame allowed, at least once, each of the Categories below

1) Brazil135  - 150 Miles*

2) Brazil135 - 135 Miles

3) Relay 2x

4) Relay 4x

5) BR+

6) The Camino da Fe*

*To be considered for the Grail, in regards to the Camino da Fe, the runner has to:

1) Finish one of the Camino da Fe branches and hold the Certificate of Conclusion. 

2)  The Camino da Fe cannot be started on the same day of the beginning of the  Brazil135 Ultramarathon participation. 


For the grail purpose, the runner is not allowed to walk or run the Camino da Fe at the same time that he or she participates in the  Brazil135 Ultramarathon.  

The Grail Challenge

First Grail Challenge completed with all medals in the hands of an Amazing Runner. 

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