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The BR+ is a very unique challenge. 

Charge: Free

Distance: 58 Km

Type: Circuit

Start Line: Paraisopolis, MG

Finish Line: Paraisopolis, MG

Route: Paraisopolis - Luminosa - Dona ines - Luminosa - Paraisopolis

Start Time: At any time with at least 12 hours before the end of the Brazil135 Ultramarathon. 

Max Finish Time: Jan, 14th 2024 at  8 pm.

Requirements: To be registered and finish the Brazil135 Ultramarathon in any category in the same year he or she have ran the Brazil135 Ultramarathon.

Registration period: After the runner crosses the finish line under the time frame established for the category the runner participated. There is a register form at the finish line. 

Mandatory: It is mandatory to run the BR+ with a support team or shoulder-to-shoulder. 

Awards: Trophy and a special t-shirt

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