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2025 Application and Fees

Participation in Brazil135 Ultra Journey is by invitation only. Every application will be evaluated under the same criteria and considered equally for the invitation.

1. Application :


  • Timeline:

  • Application : April 1, 2024 to July 31, 2024.

  • Observation:

    • After July 31st all registrations will be automatically transferred to a Waiting List.

    • Only applications received within the official deadline (1/April to 31/July) will be considered for participation in the 2025 Brazil135 Ultra Journey.

    • Registrations on the Waiting List will only be evaluated if invited runners withdraw.

1.1 How to Register:

2. The Selection Process:

  • All candidates will be evaluated according to a set of rules by our team of judges.

  • All application forms will receive equal consideration.

  • Considerations will be forwarded to the race director.

  • The final decision on accepting registration will be made by the race director, Commander Mário Lacerda.

  • All participants will receive an email from the race director with the final decision and considerations.

3. Qualification:
Meet at least one of the items below

  • Have participated in at least 5 marathons;

  • Have participated in races longer than 50 Miles;

  • Have experience with tests lasting more than 24 continuous hours;

  • Have participated in at least 1 Iron man;

  • Have participated in endurance races over 50K.

  • Being a Brazil135 Ultra Journey Veteran!

4. Selection Result:

  • If you have been selected, you will receive an email from the Race Director, Mário Lacerda, inviting you to participate, on September 1, 2024.

  • If you have not been selected, you will receive a phone call or WhatsApp from the Race Director, Mário Lacerda, during the last week of August 2024.

5.  Fees:


5.1 Brazilians and South Americans and Central America:


Runner: R$1,490.00

Relay (2x): R$1,105.00 (per runner)

Relay (4x): R$1,060.00 (per runner)

5.2 International: (with the exception of the countries contained in item a):

Runner: U$1,300.00*. 

Included in the registration cost:

  • Overnight stays: 4 nights (Pousada do Peregrino or similar). January 5th to 8th at Pousada do Peregrino (Race Headquarters).* ( : YMCA Standard (max. 3 people per room and 1 bathroom per room, ceiling fan.)

  • Meals: 10 total at Pousada do Peregrino) (drinks or desserts are not included)

    • Jan, 5th: Lunch and Dinner

    • Jan, 6th to 8th: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    • Jan, 9th: Breakfast

6. Payment methods:

6.1 Brazilians and Internationals:

  • Option 1 : Every runner (with the exception of South or Central Americans) may choose to pay the registration fee in equal installments starting from the month of registration. (If the runner is not invited to participate, he will receive 100% of the registration fee paid on September 1st.)

  • Option 2 : Payment of at least 40% after acceptance by September 10, 2024. The remainder can be paid in up to 3 installments until December.

  • Option 3 : One payment until September 10th.

6.2 South and Central America:

  • Payment of 100% of the registration fee in current Brazilian currency on the day of the pre race meeting.

7. Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • Cancellation of registration is permitted with the following refund rates:

    • Until September 30th: 100%

    • Until October 30th: 50%

    • After November 1st: There will be no refunds for any reasons, including medical conditions related to sports practice resulting from training or participation in other sporting events.

  • Exceptions from 1/November/2024:

    • All other medical conditions (with certificate) that prohibit sports participation on the date of the race will be reimbursed with retention of R$500.00 (Brazilians) and U$100.00 (internationals). In this case, the runner will receive all the material from the runner's kit except the medal and finisher's t-shirt. The cost of shipping the material by land or air will be the responsibility of the runners.

8. Event Cancellation:

  • If the event is canceled due to external, governmental determinations, there will be no refund. In this case, there will be a 50% credit to be applied to the event in the immediately following year.

  • If the event is canceled for reasons specific to the organization, there will be a 100% refund of the amount paid.

9. International runners:

9.1 Cost for international runners interested in getting a Brazilian Support Team:

  • Support Team Costs for 1 runner for 4 days (from January 8th-11th):

  • Driver (without vehicle):

    • U$400.00.

    • Jan, 12th  to be agreed.

  • Pacer:

    • U$400.00.

    • Jan, 12th to be agreed.

  • Interpreter:

    • U$400.00.

    • Jan, 12th -  to be agreed.

  • Costs for 2 runners Sharing the same team for 4 days (from January 8th to 11th):

  • Driver (without vehicle):

    • U$600.00 .

    • Jan, 12th -  to be agreed.

  • Pacer:

    • U$600.00.

    • Jan, 12th - 12 to be agreed.

  • Interpreter:

    • U$600.00.

    • Jan, 12th  to be agreed.

  • Costs for 3 runners Sharing the same team for 4 days (from January 8th to 11th)

  • Driver (without vehicle):

  • U$800.00.

  • Jan, 12th to be agreed.

  • Pacer:

  • U$800.00.

  • Jan, 12th to be agreed.

  • Interpreter:

  • U$800.00.

  • Jan, 12th to be agreed.

9.2 Rental Car:


  • Airport: Market value

  • Private: by arrangement. The Race Director will be able to mediate this contract to ensure that you pay a fair market price.

9.3 Methods of Payment to Your Support Team:

  • The runner is responsible for paying the above amount directly to each member of the contracted support team. The form and date of payment must be agreed directly between the runner and each member of the support team.

  • The overnight stay and food for support team members are already included in the amount paid between the 8th and 11th. You can arrange directly with each member if you wish to also help with food and overnight expenses (optionally)

9.4 Recommendations:

  • We recommend that you arrive in Brazil on the Sunday before the Pre Race Meeting and leave Brazil the day after the end of the race. The total number of days of your stay in Brazil will be around 8 days.

  • We recommend that you arrange with your driver a transfer from your arrival airport to the race start location and your return from the race finish location to your departure airport. Director Mário Lacerda, if it is in your interest, will supervise this agreement.

  • For your own safety, you should only hire someone to be part of your support team in Brazil with the clear knowledge of The Race Director Mário Lacerda;

9.5 Support from the Race Director:

  • Support Team : If you need help setting up your support team with Brazilians, Race Director Mário Lacerda will be available to guide and mediate the hiring of pacers, drivers and/or interpreters.

  • Your Landing at the Airport : If you face any difficulties when landing in Brazil and need assistance, the Race Director will be at your disposal. You will have a direct channel with him.

  • Unforeseen events during the race: If something unforeseen happens to your support team or support car, the Race Director will provide the means to help you continue the race.

  • Post-Race: If you face any difficulties after the test and before boarding back to your country, and need assistance, the Race Director will be at your disposal.

  • You will be under the responsibility of the Race Director from the moment you disembark in Brazil until you board your flight back to your country.​​​

  • Transfer to and from the Airport : If requested, the race organization can arrange transfers between the Airport and the city of departure and from the city of arrival to the Airport (if at least 3 runners are interested) (Cost: TBD).

10. Águas da Prata/Poços de Caldas Tour Package*: (Optional)

Cost : US$200.00 / R$1,000.00 (Payment must be made directly to the responsible tourism agency.)

Days : January 6th and 7th

Activities : Volcanic Mountains Tourist Package

Payment Date : October 1, 2024

Available spots : Groups of at least 10 people and a maximum of 25 people

* Minimum number to hire the package: 10 people. If there are not 10 people confirmed, there will be no package. In this case, there will be a full refund of any amount that has already been paid.

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